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October 4, 2018


In order to receive the greatest value from the physical education program, children must be properly dressed. Gym clothes and laced gym shoes provide children a maximum amount of safety and comfort while participating in physical activities. All students are required to wear athletic attire in order to participate in any physical education activities along with a pair of clean gym shoes. Students must wear any choice or combination gray, navy blue and/or white t-shirt, jogging pants or shorts in any combination. Also all Murray-wear is allowed (and other t-shirts like the purple anti-bully shirts, IMSA, girls on the run, 100 days, World language and all Murray sports team shirts and the like). No jeans or other colors are allowed for physical education class. On gym days, it is best that students come dressed for gym or have their shorts and t-shirt on underneath their clothes.

In order to provide the best possible experience for your child, we must all work together as a team. Please remind your child to dress appropriately for physical activity on days of physical education classes. Proper dress is necessary not only for comfort, but for safety as well. If not properly dressed children may be excused from participating in physical education unless the teacher is notified with a note including an email or phone number. Physical activity must be done regularly to achieve health benefits. Therefore, your child’s participation is very important. If she/he is sick or unable to participate, please let us know via signed note, email or phone call prior to class. We would like to ask that 1 box of tissue be donated to the physical education program as well. Lastly, please write below and return this letter with any special information that may be imperative to keep in mind as the instructor, concerning your child’s participation in vigorous physical activity. Uniforms for PE can be ordered from Martinelli’s (see below).

Very truly yours,


LeTroy Jackson
Physical Education Instructor
773-535-0585 Ext.# 66386


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